10 Tools To Quickly Design Awesome Graphics For Your Blog Posts & Social Media


We all know the power of visuals on social media. It is the major element which helps in increasing the engagement.

If you are like me, a solopreneur and a non designer, you will be having a zillion tasks on your todo lists. Of that, making visuals for your blog posts and different sizes for your social media channels is the time consuming one.



I create all visuals without any expert graphic designer’s help. I believe everyone else can also do the same. It is just that you need to get hang of few tools. Trust me, you will love them as you learn to play with the options they have.

Here the list goes…

  1. Canva

URL: www.canva.com

Ofcourse, Canva tops my list. Almost every image I share on my social media profiles and blog posts are made from Canva.

Watch this quick video to understand the highlights

  • Easy to use interface among all the tools I used.
  • You can quickly adopt to the tool
  • pre-defined sizes to suit your website and social media needs
  • Ability to define your custom size
  • Storage space to upload your own pictures
  • Lots of free templates to reuse/edit
  • Fonts, colors, backgrounds, lots of graphic elements
  • Few images you can purchase at $1
  • Paid versions gives you lot more options like animations, resizing, stock images, team collaboration
  • And many more…

Pricing: Free and Pro versions

2. Pablo

URL: https://pablo.buffer.com/

I call it a quicky.

If you want to quickly make an image, I mean, in just few seconds, then Pablo is your go to tool. It is from one of my favourite social media tool Buffer. It is called Pablo by Buffer.

Home Screen

Why Pablo by Buffer?

  • Designing your graphics on Pablo is really quick and simple.
  • It has all the basic things you need for a quick graphic.
  • 600K+ Background Images
  • Also, you can upload your own images.
  • Upload your logo
  • No watermark
  • You can quickly resize into three different ideal sizes for major social networks
  • Filters for the background images.
  • Add text and edit it with different fonts.
  • If you are a Buffer (social media scheduling tool) user, Pablo is integrated.
  • 6 templates to choose from.
  • It has a chrome extension
  • With its chrome extension, you can right click on any image on the web you come across and choose ‘open image in Pablo’ to edit.

Pricing: Completely Free

3. Adobe Spark

URL: https://spark.adobe.com/

Another awesome free tool from Adobe.

Adobe Spark Home Screen

If you are Adobe fan, you don’t need another reason to love this. If you are like me who look into bothe pros and cons, here are my points.

Adobe Spark Pros

  • It gives us the ability to create images, videos and web pages as well. Yes, you read it right. Web pages as well.
  • It is web based and also available on IOS.
  • You can be really quick on IOS app than on its web version.
  • You can design beautiful web pages creating a visual story.
  • On IOS, it comes in three different apps. Adobe Spark Post, Adobe Spark Video, Adobe Spark Page. It is good because, most of my works is done on Spark Post.
  • On its Adobe Spark Post IOS app, you animate text and download as video. This is really good.
  • Lots of inspiration templates to remix and use.
  • You can quickly resize into different social media sizes.
  • You can add voice to your video. On both web and mobile app.
  • Can add your logo/thumbnail with premium version

Adobe Spark Cons

  • Videos and Webpages you build here carry heavy adobe branding.
  • Styling text on Images is little confusing.
  • Not available on android yet.
  • The webpage you built on Adobe Spark, you can’t integrate on to your self hosted or other websites.
  • You can embed the page (similar to embedding your YT or FB video) but that again takes you to adobe website.
  • You can only share the web pages you built on social channels with the link it provides.

Finally, I love Adobe Spark IOS app and I highly recommend you to check out that.

Pricing: Free & Premium

4. Relay That

URL: https://relaythat.com/

Relay That is a design tool especially made for social media marketing purpose.  It is a template driven design tool. That means, you have predefined sizes for all social media purposes.

<Relay That Designing Screenshot>

Suppose you made a image for your blog post and want the same to put it out on every social platform, no need to create the image over and over. Relay automatically resizes and gives you all the required images. One single change you made on one element will reflect on all the images. Making your job easy.

You are also provided with templates which are called styles here. Which are categorised into  categories.

Pricing: Free and Pro Versions.


5. Crello

URL:  https://crello.com/

Crello is another graphic design tool very similar to Canva. If you are a Canva user, you find the interface very similar and easy to use.

Crello Home Screen After Logging in

It has nearly 60 million stock images to choose from. Few are free while you can buy the paid images at $0.99. You can upload your own images as well. There is an insipiration gallery to edit and reuse the graphis.

Pricing: Free. Purchase few stock images.


6. Desygner

URL: https://desygner.com/

A graphic design tool which has both web version as well as android app.

Screenshot of designing a graphic in Desygner

  • It has an android app. While most of the other designer tools have only IOS app.
  • You can choose from pre-defined size and also create your own custom size
  • There are templates to re-use, few are free while few others are for pro version
  • All the templates are categorized into social network sizes.
  • Options to search from stock photos
  • Premium users have an option to import PSD, PDF and SVG files. Desygner pulls out the text, images into usable blocks. Which you can re use in another project.
  • You will have ruler grid while designing a graphic. Which helps you arrange objects perfectly.
  • You can choose your work to be visible to public. Which will go into explore tab. Also you can check out explore tab for inspiration.
  • There is also social aspect. You can invite your friends, connect with your Facebook friends, also discover and follow people and their designs on Desygner.

Pricing: Free and Premium


7. Designfeed.io

URL: www.designfeed.io

This is another quicky.  A tool for designing graphics for your social media platforms.  Right now, when I am writing this post, it is in beta version.

The very first thing we need to decide on even before we open a design tool is what is that we want to have on our design. In most of our social media marketing cases, it is what copy should we have on our design.

I like this tool for that. It starts its design from there. It asks us what text should go on to the design and it takes it upon itself to generate templates with different images in the background. We can download the one we like or choose to tweak it.

Different Templates It Generated.

Design tweak screen – Where you can further edit the design.

  • You can choose the size of the graphic by social media platform.
  • You can upload your own photos.
  • You can choose image files to upload from 3rd party tools like dropbox, one drive, evernote and even pull it from a url.
  • You can take a picture through your webcam.
  • You can upload your logo, footer text and set them to add to your images by default.

Price: Free (beta version)


8. FotoJet

URL: https://www.fotojet.com

One attractive thing about Fotojet is, you can edit a photo, Make a Collage or design a graphic with the help of predefined templates.

Home Screen

  • It has web version, windows and Mac desktop apps
  • It has good options to edit your photos.
  • Interesting collage templates
  • If you are using free version,  there will ads on your screen.
  • Lot more options if you upgrade to pro versions
  • Very affordable pricing
  • You can choose different sized images for social media from its pre-defined templates
  • You can upload your own photos for designing graphics
  • You can create custom sizes as well.
  • It also has a chrome extension.

Pricing: Free and Premium


9. Stencil

URL: https://getstencil.com/

Another design tool which helps to build social media graphics quickly.

Design Screen as You Log into Stencil

  • Apart from regular search for photos, icons and predefined templates, it provides you Quotes to make images with.
  • You can upload your own images, logos and watermarks.
  • With free version, you will get access to basic photos, icons and fonts .
  • With free version, you can create only upto 10 images per month.
  • Stencil has Chrome and Firefox extensions. With which you can build your graphics really quick.
  • With browser extensions, you can quickly grab any image from web, build your graphic and share it directly on to your social media profiles.

Pricing: Free and Premium


10. PicMonkey

URL:  www.picmonkey.com

Another affordable graphic design tool which is in the market for long time. It is known for its good photo editing skills but also has design capabilities.

  • Edit your photos, make collage, design your own graphics
  • Lots of templates for social media sizes
  • Third party integrations like Dropbox, onedrive…etc to pull in images
  • Image background editing capability.

Pricing:  Premium with 7 day free trail.

Apart from these 10 tools, here are few other tools if you would like to try out.

Finally, My tips:

  • Look out and stick to one or two tools.
  • If you want to quickly make quote images or anything really quick for social media, go with Pablo by Buffer.
  • Canva is really a wonderful tool. you just need to dive deeper with your creativity.
  • My go to tools on web are Canva, Pablo by Buffer and recently designfeed sometimes.
  • On IOS, adobe spark is my favorite.
  • On android, nothing among the above.
  • Remember, even before you jump on to a tool to build a graphic, think well, get a clear picture on what you want and then choose a tool to work with. Else, you get stuck and it is really time consuming.
  • If you need inspiration, almost all the tools have good number of pre-defined templates to browse through.
  • I like to browse through Canva templates and Adobe Spark inspiration gallery for ideas.

Let me know if you are using any other tools and want me to try out. I am also available on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to chat away.

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