3 Things That Help You Do LinkedIn Right – Part 1


Why are you on LinkedIn? Let me first ask you this before I tell you those 3 things which can help you do LinkedIn in the right way.

If you are not on LinkedIn for any of the following reasons, think again, maybe you may not take away the full potential of the LinkedIn network.

  1. Looking for a job
  2. Looking out for job seekers
  3. To show your professional expertise
  4. To grow your professional network
  5. Personal branding
  6. Learning from peers & experts
  7. To be updated on your industry news
  8. To bring in leads for your company

What you write there, with whom and how you are connecting will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Also, there are three important things people often don’t do it right. They are

  1. Headline
  2. Summary
  3. Connection invitation

Let us look into why and how to do these, one-by-one.

1. Headline:

The LinkedIn headline is the most important part of your LinkedIn Profile. This 120 character section stays right below your name as a tag wherever you are on LinkedIn. It is obviously the first thing to be noticed everywhere.

On your profile, the headline is the first thing to be noticed after your name & photo. Where you can tell who you think you are, in 120 characters.


Content marked in the red colored box below the name is the headline!

Search, When you give a keyword into the LinkedIn search for people, the results are pulled out based on various reasons like 1st level, 2nd level connections, group members… etc. Having keywords in particular sections on your profile also plays a vital role. The headline is one such important section. Followed by job titles, skills… etc.

For example, look into the screenshot below. You can see the highlighted words in each match result with the search terms that are mostly in the headlines.

Profile Cards: You must have seen these cards popping out whenever you hover your mouse over a name.


Profile card pops up as you hover your mouse over the name.


Screenshot taken from my home feed. Headline follows every where your name is.


Tagline below the LinkedIn published post title

In fact, where ever your name is – it is followed by your headline.

Pending Invitations page: When you go to your pending invitations page, you will have profile cards with picture, name, and Headline. So, at the first glance, these three plays an important role in deciding to accept the connection or view your profile.

If you are not filling in the headline, by default, it takes your current job title and employer. Don’t leave it to LinkedIn. Because you might be more than your current job title or maybe your current job title may not describe everything about your expertise.

So, what should your LinkedIn headline be?

My answer is –

It should be that line you use to introduce yourself to your professional network.

I understand that most of the times it will be your current position in your present company. No harm in that, but I would suggest you to keep in mind that your current title is already well written in your profile.

Also, in most of the places I discussed above like search results, profile cards… etc. has your current role mentioned. Why do you want to repeat it?


So, now the question is how to come up with interesting headlines?

Understand your purpose, why are you on LinkedIn or what do you want from LinkedIn.


If you are looking for a job – think with the job hunter’s mind.  Search with those keywords and understand your competition.

If you are looking out for clients – Your headline can be the answer to why you.

If you are looking for leads – Your headline may tell them that they can contact you.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn are Inbound marketing platforms. Make yourself visible to searches may be someone might be looking for the concerned person for your product.

Few examples to inspire you on having an interesting headline

10 Creative LinkedIn Headline Examples –  http://bit.ly/2eNXcES

5 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Headline Stand Out – http://bit.ly/2eNOZR8

Be creative and keep innovating. This post has only talks about the headlines. Check out the second part of the blog post talking about summary section on your LinkedIn profile and connection invitation.


About AD

Hi, I am Akathma Devi, (You can call me AD). A coach, social media marketing strategist, analytics-driven marketer, and a lifetime learner.

Having started my career as an entrepreneur, and also working with corporates in between as a digital marketer, I completely understand the life and needs of an entrepreneur and of a corporate employee.

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