Digital Marketing Is Psychology + Technology

Social Media is part of our lives. It is not a pass time anymore! But, as a business owner, you need to have a different mindset to leverage social media to market your business in the right way. It involves understanding the social media user psychology and also the technology behind it.

As a social media marketing coach

My role as a coach is to equip you with enough practical knowledge to handle your own digital marketing. 

You might be a startup or a company in the growth stage, or a digital marketer who want to learn few advanced topics, I customize accordingly. 

When I say practical, I mean it. I can say my coaching will have 20% theory and 80% practical stuff. That means we do the real stuff. This will help you see it in action and results for those actions.

I love to coach. I love to see the spark in your eyes when you realize the potential of social media. I love to train you on the inbound marketing techniques and see you grow your business.

I love social media marketing. It keeps me on my toes with its fast-paced and constantly changing nature. It challenges me every day to stay creative, well informed, and teaches me something new every day.

A Multipotentialite


Thanks to Emilie Wapnick who coined this word to describe a person who has many interests and creative pursuits in life.
If this sounds like you too, you can check out her Ted talk here
She also stated an interesting fact there. “Fast Company magazine identified adaptability as the single most important skill to develop in order to thrive in the 21st century”. 

Working in this fast-paced digital marketing field, I quickly learn new skills, defining new techniques and implementing them.

Akathma brings with her excellent experience of Facebook Ads platform. Her training is a good starting point for all entrepreneurs and marketing professionals who want to explore Facebook ads as a lead generation tool.
Vivek Nair

Digital Marketing Consultant

Akathma is a wonderful lady, a warm heart willing to help anytime. She knows her stuff.  I took her classes on Facebook and it really really helped me out.
Navin Prithvi

Game Designer

My story from a computer science engineer to social media marketer


After continuously attending schools year after year for 19 years.  I got graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2009 along with many more graduates ready to conquer the world for employment. 

Fortunately, I had to take a break from my next step, which helped me to look into self and the world in a different way and took my first step towards entrepreneurship. 

With a lot of guidance and little money, I co-founded, a shopping cart for books written in the Telugu language (One of the Indian regional language) in the year 2010.

Walking in different shoes to fit into diff roles of my startup and working from scratch with the unorganized (with respect to computerization) publishing industry, trying to reach the Telugu language reader base across the world, I learned the insights of online marketing from SEO to social media marketing.

After running it for almost 2 years getting used to the life of an entrepreneur, I moved to Bangalore – silicon valley of India and started my journey with another startup – English magazine supporting them with digital marketing including SEO, SEM, and social networks.

Later from there moved to IBM as social business manager for IBM PureSystems. And then worked for a gaming studio, marketing their mobile games.

I came back to the life of being on my own again with Rubhu Social in the year 2015. Freelancing and helping a few small businesses run their digital marketing.

Now, I am here, as a coach. To be able to help business owners learn and run their own digital marketing. They need to. Since there are a lot more benefits to having digital marketing in-house or semi-inhouse.

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