These consulting sessions are just not to tell you what to do, but also to tell you and if necessary coach you on how to do. 

You might be a startup or an established business or somewhere in-between, I understand that every business has different goals and requirements at different phases of the business.

To put it simply, in these consulting sessions, I will help you figure out how and what you can do to achieve them through social media marketing.

  • I can help you figure out how your business can leverage social media marketing. 
  • I can help you understand what each social network is and decide on which social network is ideal for you and your business.
  • I can actually audit your existing social media channels and give you plans to improve them.
  • I can help you decide on planning your budget for different activities in digital marketing.
  • I can help you with choosing the right tools(from those tons of social media tools) suiting your needs and pocket.

These are only a few from the list. I recommend you to block my calendar for a 30-min discovery call to decide if you need to book a consultation or not.

Pricing: One session – USD 50
One session is equal to 2 hours.  


Step 1

I will send you a questionnaire once you register for the session. This will help me understand what is that you are exactly looking for and I’ll come doing my research/audit of your existing business and bring you relevant examples.

Step 2

I will send you a few time slots to choose from. We shall work on the time slots which will best suit both of us.

Step 3

We will do a virtual video call through zoom app. Through this, we will have the flexibility to share the screen, make a video call and also record the session.

Step 4

I will send you the call recording and minutes of the call. Also, I will send you if any, relevant ebooks or worksheets to support your learnings of the call.


To book the consultation write to me akathmadevi@

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