Digital Marketing In 2017 – #RubhuSocial Chat Recap

Are you ready for 2017?
In what direction do you think digital marketing industry will go in 2017? What new things are you going to adopt in the coming year for your brand? How do you think the state of email marketing and content marketing be next year? Will it stay the same or will we see more competition and more content being generated? Check out what our #RubhuSocial community thinks.

#RubhuSocial chat happens on every Tuesday at 3 pm IST (India time) which is 9:30 am GMT. Join us to discuss, share and learn interesting marketing concepts.

For the complete recap, check out our storify.

Q1. What are the top 3 things you think will dominate in 2017?

Q2. Will social media shift from one to many conversations to 1 to 1 conversations?

Q3. What are the points a designer should keep in mind about marketing while designing something?

Q4. How do you think will video marketing be in 2017?

Q5. How do you think content marketing will evolve in 2017?

Q6. How do you think email marketing will evolve in 2017?

Q7. What do you wish to see in 2017 with respect to digital marketing?

For the complete recap here is the storify

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Hi, I am Akathma Devi, (You can call me AD). A coach, social media marketing strategist, analytics-driven marketer, and a lifetime learner.

Having started my career as an entrepreneur, and also working with corporates in between as a digital marketer, I completely understand the life and needs of an entrepreneur and of a corporate employee.

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