Top 3 Tools That Help You Write Better

As an online business owner and a digital marketer, my work involves a lot of writing. I am being a fan of tools which help me do my job with ease. I search, test and use a lot of tools for my different daily activities.


For writing too, I have used multiple tools over the years. Here are 3 editing/proofreading tools I come back to all the time. I highly recommend them to everyone who writes a lot every day. Be it a blogger, business owner, digital marketer or a student, you will definitely find these tools useful.



  • It is a proof reading tool.
  • It provides a chrome extension, an add-in for Microsoft Office, and a native desktop app.
  • It shows you grammatical errors, spell errors, gives definitions and suggests synonyms.
  • It proofreads your content as you write on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter… etc.
  • You can write directly or copy/paste your content in your Grammarly editor either online or on your desktop native app.
  • Its chrome extension integrates with every possible editor on your browser to proofread.
  • It has freemium model pricing.
  • How good it is? – It is hard for me to stick with a tool so long. And, I am using grammarly for about a couple of years and found it useful. I am using the free version as of now.
  • Check out what premium offers from the comparison chart and pricing.


  • It is a writing app for desktop and mobile.
  • It translates into 50 other languages.
  • It has Text reader to listen to the native speaker read back the text you have written.
  • Its features include grammar checker, sentence rephrase, dictionary, personal trainer to improve your English.
  • It has native desktop app. It also provides Microsoft office add-in.
  • It provides chrome and safari browser extensions.
  • Ginger android app helps you write at ease and corrects on the go.
  • It has an interesting ginger keyboard as well for Android phones.
  • Android keyboard predicts next words, and its keyboard is designed to write faster.
  • I loved using its android keyboard and app than anything else.
  • Ginger is also a freemium model pricing. You can check out the details here.

Hemmingway App:

If you are like me who write long sentences, this app is for you. I write really long sentences. I write like how I talk. And I talk really fast and long sentences. That is not a very good practice. I am working on it to be better.

What does this tool do?

  • It is a free web based version.
  • It is not an app as it is called. You can access it with the URL
  • It is known for its simplicity.
  • You can write in its editor or even copy-paste from another editor.
  • It grades your writing based on U.S education grade level.
  • The lower the grade the better the write-up is.
  • It helps you avoid the jargon.
  • For this blog post, I got the grade 4
  • It highlights lengthy and hard to read sentences in yellow and red color codes based on the complexity. So, that you can edit them.
  • It highlights the complex phrases and gives a simpler alternative
  • Passive voice phrases/sentences are highlighted recommending you to change to active voice.
  • Working on the recommendations brings the writing to grade 4 to 6 level vocabulary and readability.
  • It works to make your writing simple.
  • It works under the philosophy that more simpler your writing, the more readers you get.
  • I like it for making me better at writing shorter sentences.

Out of different proofreading/editing tools in the market, these three are what I go for very often. I believe you too will find them useful.

Let me know if you are using any other tools and want me to try out. I am also available on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to chat away.

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