Facebook Newsfeed Updates Explained: Engagement bait, Snooze button, Fake news

Facebook has been constantly working on improvising Facebook experience to the users. It might be removing clickbaits, fighting fake news, or giving control to users on what they see on their newsfeeds and delivering customized content to users.

What does this mean to Facebook Pages? What you should know about these recent updates as a Facebook page admin?

1. Fighting Engagement Bait:

Early this year Facebook made new strong updates in addition to its 2016 update to reduce click baits and delivered clean newsfeeds. And now, they are working towards engagement baits.Wondering what these click baits and engagement baits?

Click bait: Posts or Articles with misleading headlines & descriptions that are designed to get attention and lure visitors clicking on the link.

Here is a Facebook post as an example:

Engagement bait: Spammy Facebook posts which goad visitors to perform actions like comments, likes, shares…

Example of engagement bait

Why these engagement baits?     

Facebook newsfeed algorithm is designed to show updates in which that particular user is interested in. How will Facebook know what that particular is interested in? By his actions he performs on Facebook. Few notable actions are comments, likes, shares, clicks, photo views…etc. So, as Facebook records these actions it analyses and delivers customized content to the user’s newsfeed.

Keeping this in mind, few Facebook pages wanted to take advantage of the algorithm and boost engagement, started writing Facebook updates asking/goading users to take a particular action.

Facebook Update:

To combat these kind of posts and to deliver clean content on users newsfeeds, Facebook started demoting such content from pages and people. That is, there will be a significant drop in reach of such posts coming from people and pages. How will Facebook do this? Facebook already started working on this. It collected and fed its machine learning algorithms with hundreds of thousands of such posts. In addition, Facebook will start demotion of pages as well which constantly produce such content.

This again proves that, Facebook constantly works towards promoting authentic stories and meaningful conversations on Facebook.

2. Snooze button to control your newsfeed content:

Facebook aims at delivering customized content on to user’s newsfeed. Facebook newsfeed algorithm is designed to show updates in which that particular user is interested in. Yes, I am repeating this again. So that you won’t forget that you are talking to people on Facebook.

Facebook gave control of user’s newsfeed to them long back with options like Hide posts, Unfollow, Report as spam. And this ‘Snooze Button’ is just another option but with a little twist.

Twist is you will not be notified about your posts being snoozed. That is if you are a page, you will have reports on how many unfollowed, hide your posts, unlike your page, or reported them as spam in your page insights. But you will not have reports of Snooze.

One positive about Snooze is it is temperory. It is for only 30 days. That means, if a user is doesn’t prefer your content temperorily they can go with snooze. They will be notified before Snooze period is about to end and the setting can also be reversed any time.

Click on the three dots on the top right corned of any postto find these options.


To checkout if anyone have reported your posts as spam or hidden your posts, go to page insights, find Reach tab in the left menu and scroll down to find this graph. But as said above, you will not have reports on snooze button.


3. Fighting Fake News:

Unfortunately we live in a world where fake news spreads fast. And these social platforms amplifies that. From the beginning Facebook constantly implemented different thing and fought from spreading fake news. This is another step to make things more robust.

Earlier it use to give a red flag below the article telling this might be a fake news after checking with Facebook’s third party checkers. In its research it found the red flag has not been very effective for various reasons. From now on, Facebook will remove red flag concept and instead will show more trust worthy articles below under related articles. Trust worthy links might come from more reputable publishers.

Earlier Facebook use to prompt fake news with a red flag.

Now Facebook choose to show articles from more trustworthy sources under related articles section below the main article.



Concluding, with these three notable updates Facebook came up once again proves that pages which produce more authentic, engaging & interesting stories always perform well. Or in otherwords, more authentic, engaging and interesting stories is what audience expect. So, as a page owner you need to work on providing value and tell relevant and meaningful stories.


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