Know Why You Should Advertise On Facebook.

Advertising your business on Facebook is not a choice anymore. Long back Facebook turned into a pay to play mode. Even the best of the best pages get only 2% to 8% of the organic reach. So, it really doesn’t make any sense to aim at marketing only organically on Facebook.

But, I see a lot of resistance coming with reasons like Facebook just want to make more money, Facebook ads don’t really bring in any sale, Why we should pay Facebook…?

It’s been more than a month I hosted a 7-hour comprehensive hands-on workshop on Facebook Advertising. I have been hearing these statements very often since then. So, after listening to them, I am starting my conversation or answer with this statement.

What’s wrong with advertising on Facebook? Or What’s wrong in paying Facebook? Or did you really look at the Facebook ad platform and its options? Did you build your sales funnel before advertising on Facebook?

Then I started giving reasons on why they should advertise on Facebook and overview on how they should plan it for conversions. And ended the conversation saying ‘without Facebook ads you are missing out biggest and cheapest advertising platform existing on earth right now’.

Friends, if you are against investing in advertising on Facebook? Or looking for reasons on why you should do Facebook ads? Or have you tried and came to a conclusion, it is a waste of money? Then this blog post is for you. For you to understand the power of Facebook and why you should do Facebook advertising.

Power of Facebook:

Right now, Facebook is the largest social network on earth. With 16% increase year-over-year, Facebook has

  • 2.03 B Monthly active users
  • 1.03 B Daily active users
  • Out of these 2.03 B Monthly active users, 1.73 B are Mobile Monthly active users.
  • 400 new users sign up on Facebook every day
  • Facebook messenger has 1.2 B Monthly active users
  • More than 60 Million businesses have a Facebook page.
  • On an average, people spend 35 mins on Facebook every day.
  • On an average people access Facebook 8 times a day
  • 19% of time spent on Mobile devices is on Facebook.
  • 93% of marketers use Facebook advertising regularly.
  • Which means 3 Million businesses are using Facebook ads.
  • 20% of mobile ad revenue is from Instagram

Facebook is not just its main platform. But it has the messenger, Instagram, third party apps registered as Audience Network, Instant Articles, Whatsapp and a ton other things like machine learning. With all these platforms and Billions of users on these networks, Facebook has an enormous data about the users, their behaviours, interests, habits and our complete biodata.

I often say in my workshops, Facebook knows about us more than what our parents know about us. There is no other social network in the world with this kind of data and number of people to advertise.

Targeting Options:

One important thing we should understand here is, When we are advertising on Facebook, we are advertising to people. To people with specific interests and behaviors in contrast to advertising to keywords on Google.

Facebook has the best technology in both targeting options as well as an ad delivery system.

Targeting options mean you can tell Facebook to show your ad to people(audience) with specific interests and behaviors. You can define your audience by

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Language
  • Interests
  • Behaviors
  • Demographics
  • Connections
  • Custom Audiences
  • Look-alike audiences

Interests: Specify interests based on their hobbies, shopping habits, the pages they like, food, entertainment, family and relations, sports… etc.

Behaviors: You can choose from purchasing behaviors or intents, devices they use, digital activities… etc.

Demographics: You can choose to reach people based on education, employment, lifestyle and household details.

Connections: You can include or exclude people who like your pages, apps, or events

Custom Audiences: You can create audience set based on the engagement they had with your page, or page posts, or the customer data you have like email lists. This helps in retargeting/remarketing

Also, you can create audience set from your website visitors within last 180 days. This can be done by installing pixel on your website.

Look-alike Audiences: You can ask Facebook to create audiences based on the audiences you have on your page or interact with your website. Facebook picks similar audiences by looking at the common interests and behaviors your present audiences have.


If you are a wedding photographer from a specific location, you can target to people with age group of 24 to 32 within that location and choose the relationship status as engaged

If you are a target audience are parents of a newborn baby. You can choose the age group, New parents in demographics, and select interests like or Amazon… etc.



You can choose to place your ad from the following options

  • Desktop Newsfeed
  • Mobile Newsfeed
  • Right column on desktop
  • In-stream videos
  • Suggested videos
  • Instagram Feed
  • Instagram Stories
  • Audience network
  • Messenger
  • Sponsored messaged
  • Further categorized by Android or iPhone or only desktop or only Mobile… etc.

As I said above, Facebook is not just its main platform. But it has the messenger, Instagram, third-party apps registered as Audience Network, Instant Articles. You can place your ad to audiences on those platforms.

Newsfeed Algorithm:

Do you know? There are about 10,000 factors in the Newsfeed algorithm to decide which piece of content should go on to your Newsfeed.

The Facebook Newsfeed algorithm has evolved over the years. Now, even the best of the best pages get only 2% to 8% of the organic reach. This is not to make it difficult for business owners or social media marketers. But to make life easier for you. The user. Who logins every day into Facebook Newsfeed and browse through what your friends are doing, watch some fun videos, and update yourself about few businesses you are interested in.

Why this selection of posts and why not send every post from your friends and the pages you like onto your Newsfeed? This is the very common frustration, and point raised by many people.

There is a reason. If it has to give everything in chronological order, on an average, it might need to send about 15000 posts to your Newsfeed per day. Imagine your Newsfeed getting refreshed every 2 seconds to give you this content. It simply annoys you. This content overflow will simply make you run away from Facebook. Hence, Facebook has to select the best of the best posts according to your interests.

Every user Newsfeed is customized. Customized according to that user’s interest and behavior. How interesting your Newsfeed is for you and how many times you come back to Facebook in a day totally depends on whom you follow and be friends with. Since the content will be selected from the updates given by those who you follow.

So, Facebook chooses 300 posts out of these 15000 posts to go on to your Newsfeed. And Facebook research says, on an average, a user looks through 30 posts from these 300 posts each time he logs in.

Now you know how competitive it is to get a place in those 30 posts. Hence, you need to advertise on Facebook.

To Summarize. Here are the reasons:

  • Your audience is on Facebook. Look at the stats above for proof.
  • Facebook ads are the cheapest of all the online advertising venues existing today.
  • Broad targeting options
  • You can start with as little as $1 per day or INR 40 per day.
  • Incredible targeting options
  • Ad placements
  • Image/Video is the hero
  • 11 different ad objectives to choose from.

Do you need more reasons on why you should advertise on Facebook? It is time you need to know yourself. Just create an ad account by logging into and start exploring.

You can always ping me on Facebook or write to me at akathmadevi@ to learn more.



In this workshop I’ll cover everything you need to strategize, advertise and measure your Facebook ad account. I have given a  4-page course structure for you to understand what you will get in the workshop.

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Having started my career as an entrepreneur, and also working with corporates in between as a digital marketer, I completely understand the life and needs of an entrepreneur and of a corporate employee.

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