Role of Language, Culture, & Customs in SMM- #RubhuSocial Chat Recap

Culture, customs, and language are something which are very personal and emotional. If you are able to use them rightly to connect with your audience, your marketing campaigns or branding is a hit. On last Tuesday, we discussed this with our community and following is our very quick recap of the chat.

For the complete recap, check out our storify.

#RubhuSocial chat happens on every Tuesday at 3 pm IST (India time) which is 9:30 am GMT. Join us to discuss, share and learn interesting marketing concepts.

Q1. Is understanding target audience language/culture/custom important for social media marketing? Why?

Q2. What are the benefits of integrating cultural insights into social media marketing?

Q3. What are the different ways a brand can research and analyze the culture/customs of TA?

Q4. What are the important points to consider while analyzing TA culture/customs?

Q5. What are the different ways a marketer can leverage social media to cater to different TA culture/customs?

Q6. Culture is something which evolves with generations. Agree?

Q7. Any examples of brands weaving the cultural changes into their marketing campaigns?

Q8. Your takeaways from this chat and tips to fellow marketers on weaving culture into marketing campaigns?

For the complete recap here is the storify

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