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We all agree that visuals play an important role in marketing. Also, often we see a struggle with marketers and designers in communicating effectively with each other or understanding other’s inputs. So, this week, we are joined with Rajat Arora as special guest to unravel the secrets of how to make a compelling design or what makes a design or an image compelling enough for the reader to take further action.

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Q1. How do you define the role of design in marketing?

From Rajat:

  • Role of design varies at different stages of marketing. It is used to attract attention, retain interest & encourage action
  • Design and marketing are very similar. They overlap a lot

From The Community:

  • Design in is ease of access, ease of understanding & clarity of messaging without clutter ~ @varunkr842
  • Good designs make marketing easy and more effective. ~ @Deepakpal
  • design is strategic to everything not just the visual output but the thinking and developing from thought to implementing ~@marklongbottom_
  • Design is at the core of every communication, conversation. It can convey your message & trigger emotions & spur engagement ~ @ZalkaB

Q2. What makes a design a good design or right design for any business?

From Rajat:

  • A good design is what delivers result. It should be clear & easy to understand & most importantly it should make people act.

From The Community:

  •  A good design is what your customer likes not what you likes. A design is great if it enhances the & conversion. ~ @varunkr842
  • Simpliclity and how intuitive the design is – makes or breaks. I believe less is more in designing ~ @Yaagneshwaran
  • Right Design give better impact on business to sustain & gain customers where ppl would like to wait for next ~@viragshah4
  • It’s
    when it’s aligned to your message and supports your message you’re conveying to your TA. Know what they respond to ~ @ZalkaB
  • A good design speaks. It communicates values and functions it tends to offer. ~ @ShwetaMallapur

Q3. What are the points a designer should keep in mind about marketing while designing something?

From Rajat:

  • Designers should understand the purpose of what they are doing. Lot of times they are busy making things look better
  • The goal should be to deliver the message
  • The design should be simple. Simplicity is most difficult to practice
  • They should understand basic principles of human behavior and conversion rate optimization. It is a big plus
  • Every pixel should have a meaning. They should be ruthless in eliminating all unnecessary details.

From The Community:

  • Clarity of messaging is prime importance, rest all lies around this. ~@varunkr842
  • Type,Shape&Size of Font,Content Message,Color Combo, Visualize Graphic etc mainly it must reach in customer mind ~@viragshah4
  • Design should be related to the concept, Call to action should be good, important big fonts content, minimum content etc. ~@NirajBariya
  • Clear message should be delivered through the design and Marketer should explain the purpose of the message to the designer ~@MonicaMotivrsha
  • Making it look nice is an outcome not the means, design for purpose ~@Yaagneshwaran
  • Marketing design isn’t about good your campaign creative looks, but if it compels the user to take action ~@MeenuJoshi1

Q4. What are the points a marketer should keep in mind about designing while designing something?

From Rajat:

  • Start with absolutely basics. Try to sketch out an concept first. Make sure you understand it fully
  • Then gradually add details like add color, contrast, and other design elements.

From The Community:

  • Make 3-4 focus points that are synced in visuals, words & messaging. Focus in that, drill down to every detail. Test, test ~@ZalkaB
  • same as the designer – know your audience – it’s all about them not you ~@marklongbottom_

Q5. Design in marketing is all about attention grabbing. Agree? Tell us some quick attention grabbing techniques?

From Rajat:

  • I do not agree with the question that marketing is all about grabbing attention. It is to grab attention & then to hold it
  • Hold it with your content ( words + visual). Then to make them take the desired action & in best case, to remember you
  • If we talk about attention grabbing, we can learn a lot from life. Our brain is in the autopilot mode most of the times.
  • If you point towards the sky, people will also look in the sky (visual cues)
  • If someone suddenly starts dancing in the room, they will catch attention (motion)
  • If there is a white pigeon in the flock of grey pigeons, it will get noticed (contrast)
  • Your pretty coworker gets more attention than others (symmetry)

From The Community:

  • Make it pop! Design always differs but create something that generates ample curiosity. That’s a huge win. ~@mehulgohil
  • A design is the key point to grab attention. Message should be Clear and Design should be Clean instead creating mess ~@MonicaMotivrsha

Q6. Colors! How to choose a color or color combinations?

From Rajat:

  • Colors are very subjective. People have different perceptions of colors. But to me, white is the most beautiful color.
  • Nobody hates white because it is the most soothing color. It makes other colors look beautiful
  • Although there has been researches on how color affects behavior like red color increases heartbeat & thus makes you
  • For color combination, you should follow the color wheel which tells you the exact opposite wavelength of a particular color
  • They look good in contrast with each other. Good use of color helps in breaking the pattern & highlights important things
  • But it has to be used really well. Too many colors look very stressful to the eyes like a moving train

From The Community:

  • Choosing Colors are pure science & psychology. Each color has its own personality, you need to be very careful choosing them ~@varunkr842
  • someone who loves black maydo – NO RULES to colour design, it’s about and no audience is the same ~@marklongbottom_
  • Chose diff combinations. Take into consideration cultural diff & accessibility > not everyone can “consume” color schemes ~ @ZalkaB


Q7. Typography! Are there any safe fonts kind to pick & go in case of confusion or when in a hurry?

From Rajat:

  • It’s easy to get confused in picking up the fonts because there are so many free fonts available.
  • You should choose fonts which add value to the content. A comic font for a serious message may take the seriousness out of it
  • It needs some practice to get used to choosing good fonts. As far as web design goes some of the most widely used fonts are
  • Proxima nova, Helvetica, Roboto, raleway, open sans , lato and ubuntu. A good font can make your design look much better

From The Community:

  • This is confusing, but simpler fonts – which makes reading easy for every age group is preferable until it’s highly targeted ~@varunkr842
  • Sifon, Hammersmith one, Montserrat Light, Arimo. I choose these fonts ~@iamsongara

Q8. Finally, Your list of do’s & don’ts for us (marketers) with respect to design?

From Rajat:

  • Don’t complicate the design with unnecessary details.
  • Ask your colleagues if they can understand the message before publishing
  • Don’t go all out for just the look and feel. Try to win the attention with the message
  • Try to observe why a good design looks good.
  • Don’t try too many colors
  • Don’t try to be clever, try to be clear
  • Simplicity works

From The Community:

  • Do’s: think why first before how…Dont: never design in hurry, bet not design in that case ~@Yaagneshwaran
  • Always use “KISS” – Keep It Simple design strategy ~@varunkr842


For the complete recap here is the storify

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