Social Media Brand Awareness- #RubhuSocial Chat Recap

Brand Awareness – Though being the very first phase of the marketing funnel, building awareness is an ongoing process. Considering the attention span and the competition, building brand awareness takes some innovation and creativity to capture the attention of the target audience.

In this week’s #RubhuSocial chat, we discussed its importance, different activities we can do on social media to create brand awareness and KPIs or metric to measure.

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Here is the quick recap of the chat. For complete recap check out storify.

Icebreaker: Building brand awareness is an ongoing process! Agree? When is it more important?

Q1. Is creating brand awareness important on social media? Why?

Q2. How do you define social media brand awareness?

Q3. What are the first things to do while writing brand awareness strategies for social media?

Q4. What are the different activities one can do on social media to build awareness?

Q5. Contests & Campaigns: Any interesting social media brand awareness campaigns you came across?

Q6. What are the KPIs to measure brand awareness on social media?

Q7. Finally, your tips / points to remember for building social media brand awareness?

For the complete recap here is the storify

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