Social Media Marketing
One-on-One Coaching

Not seeing expected results with your social media marketing?

Confused on where to start?

I completely understand what you are going through. With 6 major social networks, email, SEO, Content Marketing, blogs, podcasts, videos…etc it can turn overwhelming.

While digital marketing initially seems pretty easy to conquer, it gets you to a point where you believe it is not for you anymore.

You’re right that social media can make a difference and bring you more business. Can build your brand and sell your products. But, I believe we see wonders only when we have a right social media marketing plan.

  • A plan which goes with the social channel algorithm but not against it.

  • A plan which helps you reach your target audience.

  • A plan which helps you write better content which connects, convinces and converts your audience.

  • A plan which will help you analyze those tons of analytics and keep a check on your progress

The key to success on social media marketing is the right strategy and approach. Understanding the fundamentals, the social platforms, its algorithms, can help you better strategize and plan your marketing.

I know marketing on social media will help my business. But confused on where to start.

I have created social media pages for my business. Now, not able to figure out what to do on those pages. 

I am writing posts on my Facebook business page for a year. But I am not seeing any results. 

I see a lot of other small businesses making great business on social media. How are they doing it? 

You must have taken few online courses, listened to webinars, read hundreds of articles on Google. They all might have definitely helped you learn a thing or two. But, if you are still not able to convert the reach you get on Facebook to the sale. I’m here to help. 

I’m Here To Help

I help you plan your marketing funnel.
I help you define your goals and plan your marketing strategy accordingly.
I help you analyze the metrics given by the platforms and re-strategize accordingly.

To put it simply, I customize the coaching according to your requirements and equip you with enough knowledge to run your own social media marketing.


Step 1

We Will have a 60-minute video call for a detailed discussion on your business, goals and your comfort levels with different social media platforms, tools, content writing, video, making visuals, storytelling. A detailed audit of your existing social channels. This will help me customize your course structure.

Step 2

I will prepare and send you a course structure that suits your business needs and your comfort levels. Once you go through the course structure, we will have a 30 min call again to clarify your doubts if any and freeze on the dates.

Step 3

We will start of the coaching, you will get worksheets, templates, assignments, and ebooks along the coaching days to give you a hands-on experience and also get you on track with implementation under my guidance.

Step 4

This is a Bonus

By the end of the session, you will be equipped with enough knowledge to run your social media marketing. But I will not leave your hands here. I will let you be on your own and have an eye on your work for the next 15 days. I will send you my tips/suggestions/more ideas to push your limits and be on your own.



Another Bonus

I will give you a 1 free consultation session any time you choose within 2 months of the course completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge per session or by package?

I will charge per session. 1 session is equal to 2 hours. Having it as a package might not give us both the freedom to extend our sessions according to your requirements. Every student is different from other and every business will have a different set of requirements. This coaching is all about customizing to fit your needs. If you are still looking for a package, you can check out the products page.

How many one-on-one sessions do you take per week?

I set aside 10 to 12 hours per week on my calendar. I will plan my schedules accordingly.

How do you define a session?

1 session is equal to 2 hours. I charge per session.

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