Time Management For A Marketer- #RubhuSocial Chat Recap

Until We Manage Time, We Can Manage Nothing Else ~ Peter F. Drucker

I am sure, most of you will agree that the biggest challenge every digital marketer today face is time management. Apart from daily routine we have, we should also be ready to attend any unexpected attention(either positive or negative feedback) from the universe. How do you manage your time? When do you call your day is productive? We took these questions to our #RubhuSocial Chat community last Tuesday (18th Oct) and here is the what they said.

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Here is the quick recap of the chat. For complete recap check out storify.

Icebreaker: Do you have days when you felt overwhelmed with the marketing tasks you have on your plate?

Q1. What is the most time-consuming task you have?

Q2. Are there any social media tasks which slip through your fingers due to lack of time?

Q3. Tell us your best time management tip you follow always?

Q4. What are the tools which help you to have a productive day?

Q5. What are the social media tasks you will definitely make time for every day?

Q6. Multi-tasking! Do you multi-task? Is it good or bad? Your take?

Q7. Given extra hours, what is that marketing related task you will do every day?

For the complete recap here is the storify

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