Are You Looking For A Website In WordPress?

We build websites on WordPress!


As a business owner, I am sure you very well know that the website is the face of a business. Especially in this digital world.  

As a social media marketer, very often my primary goal is to help business drive traffic to their websites for conversions to happen. While I do a lot of marketing on different digital venues, very often I see mediocre landing pages which don’t help in any sales. 

A website is not always about design or colors. It is a combination of Content, Design, Relevant pictures, and Technology. Defining all these elements depends on your requirements and business goals. 

My team and I will help you identify map and align your business goals with your website goals.  

What Does This Mean?

Business Goals: To sell your services. 

Website Goals: To Convince your target audience that you are the right person to serve them.

Marketing Goals: To connect with your target audience, bring them to your website, create trust and make them your loyal customers.

How We Do This?

Step 1

We shall start with a free, 30-min discovery call to discuss your business, your goals, website development process, themes, technology, servers, and costings. 

Step 2

We will send you a questionnaire to understand your business/services and your working style. We will have a few content related questions too.

Step 3

We will come up with an initial draft of content, design structure(wireframes) and we shall discuss with you in detail.

Step 4

If it is all good with step 3, We will move on to develop the content and website structure and send you.


Step 5

Based on your edits, we shall revise and finalize all the things related to your website. And we will be all good for the website launch.

Step 6

The marketing angle. Registering in the search engine webmasters, Google Analytics, social media optimization. To let you know, the content we write and the web pages we develop will be well optimized for Google and other similar search engines.

Step 7

We will walk you through the WordPress admin management. So that you can do simple edits like publishing a  blog post, upload images… etc.

Who Are We?

I am AD, a Social Media Marketer with 8 years of experience and a lifetime learner living in the south of India.

After my graduation, I teamed up with my brother and launched an e-commerce website. Later, I went on to work with corporates as a social media marketer. I quickly realized my passion lies in helping small businesses.

I have been solo, helping small businesses by coaching and most of the times handling their social media channels. 2018 has been a game changer for me. I took the coaching part very seriously and I also added my new skill WordPress website development to my services.

I teamed up with my best buddy Visali, Web Developer for this, we took our 12-year friendship to next level. Visali living in Australia did her bachelors in computer science engineering.

She brings her design eye along with her technical skills and I bring my digital marketing and content writing skills making a great combination to build websites.

An important point I want you to understand is Website is not just a display of information or contact details. It should create trust, convince your target audience and convert them into paying customers. All the four elements content, images, design, and technology play an equal role in this.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many clients do you take at a time?

We have clients coming from different industries. So, shifting our mind frames very quickly from one to another is not easy. So, we usually take one at a time. Or Start the second only after the first one entered the step 4 in the process.

How long does the whole process take?

We stay productive when we are organized. We love the timelines and deadlines. So, we will have a schedule which works for both of us. And usually, the whole development process takes 4 to 6 weeks depending on the size.

What is your pricing strategy?

To give you a rough figure a -page website will be USD 1500. (This is excluding your server/hosting charges and content writing charges). Also, it depends on your requirements.

What is your payment process?

Payment can be done in 2 installments. First installment at the end of the step-2. Second one after the step 4.

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