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We help businesses with conversational advertising using WhatsApp & Instagram chatbot automations.

Hi, I am Akathma Devi (AD). I’m the marketer friend in your Entrepreneurial journey. I love connecting and helping businesses to achieve their marketing goals.

Here is my story:

My love for entrepreneurship started right after I finished college as a Computer Science Engineer.

With a lot of guidance and little money, I co-founded an online store for Telugu books (one of the Indian regional languages) in 2010.

So, I worked setting up my startup from scratch, wore multiple hats trying to reach the Telugu speaking audience worldwide- but all this without a well-digitalized publishing industry. This is when I learnt the nitty gritty of digital marketing.

After running this for 2+ years, I moved to Bangalore, the Silicon Valley Of India and started working for another startup. An English fortnightly magazine. I helped them in setting up their online presence, website and reach their target audience online.

Later, I joined IBM as a social business manager for IBM PureSystems. I also worked for a gaming studio for a few months, marketing their mobile games.

As someone said, once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur! This time, I started slow. I started as a Digital Marketing Consultant and ran my show.

Later, I started building my team and offered various digital marketing services including Chatbot Messenger Marketing.

You can know more about my services in the rest of my profile.

If you want to talk more about digital marketing strategies or chatbot marketing automations, You can connect with me by messaging me here or 👇
phone: +91 888 411 3330